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Marriage isn’t easy, it’s work. When things are going well, it might seem like very fulfilling work, or it might not even seem like work at all. When things aren’t going well, though, every bit of effort seems to take its toll. Miscommunication, lack of communication, hurt feelings, past trauma and much more come to the forefront and even the strongest couples need help sometimes to sort things out. At the Metropolitan Center for Psychological Services, we offer marriage counseling for married, unmarried and pre-marital couples to help you strengthen your relationship, work through miscommunications, and remember why your relationship is worth working for.


Married and Unmarried Couples

Many of us have heard that good communication is the secret to a strong relationship, and it sounds like communication should be easy with someone you love. However, the reality of marriage and long-term relationships can surprise anybody. Communication isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some things are hard to put into words, and some problems might not even be identified to the point that you can talk about them yet. Sometimes, it seems easier to just stop talking, since you don’t know what to say or you don’t think anyone’s listening.

You don’t have to go through this alone, though, and you don’t have to shut down the communication in your relationship. We can help. Marriage and couples counseling isn’t about telling you what to do to fix your relationship, it’s about getting a professional, unbiased, outside view of the problems you’re having. With the help of the Metropolitan Center for Psychological Services, you can identify the problems in your relationship, build trust, learn how to communicate effectively, determine strategies for the future and rekindle the love and feelings of connection that brought you two together in the first place.


Pre-Marital Couples

Getting married is a huge step and it can be a truly positive influence on your life. However, we hear stories every day of marriages that break down and don’t last, and most of us have seen first-hand the effects of divorce on a family. Remember that a strong, lasting marriage isn’t impossible, but it doesn’t happen magically, either.

At the Metropolitan Center for Psychological Services, we will provide you with the tools you need to enter into a strong and lasting marriage. We’ll help you discuss the important things so you can avoid big surprises down the road. We’ll also help you prepare yourselves for the journey you’re about to take together with straight talk and effective strategies for the future.


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