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One of the greatest cliches of our time is this-marriage is work. But like all cliches, there’s a kernel of truth. Marriage is like the ocean, there’s an ebb and flow. When things are up, it can feel easy, effortless. But when times are tough, it can seem to be an uphill battle. Sometimes communication can be difficult, even with someone you love. Sometimes even the strongest couples need a little help sorting things out. That’s where we come in.

At Metropolitan Center for Psychological Services, we specialize in African American marriage counseling. We provide a warm and supportive atmosphere to address your personal life challenges. We understand that the reality of marriage is never as easy at it sounds. Life stressors can overwhelm us and limit our ability to create real change. If you’re already in a marriage, we can help to identify problems and rekindle the magic that brought you together. If you’re preparing to get married, we’ll help you prepare yourselves with effective strategies to make sure you avoid problems down the road. Counseling isn’t about telling you what to do, it’s about an unbiased view of your relationship. Together we’ll build on your strengths and achieve the personal growth you’re committed to.

We have a wealth of knowledge and a highly personalized approach to help each client. Contact us today and get started with a free consultation. We’re here to help.

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